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Holiday Light Hanging Safety Tips

Do you love to decorate your home for the season? Heading into the holidays and putting up lights this year, make sure your holiday cheer and fun shouldn’t come at the expense of your safety or the safety of your home.

We’ll discuss a few ways to keep safe this year while hanging lights and taking them down later. These are good tips for any similar work you might be doing around your home or lights you might be hanging for other holidays or events. 

Look at the Weather

Before you commit to hanging your lights, check the weather forecast! You don’t want to get caught out in the middle of your project by a blizzard and have to abandon things half-finished — that can be a danger to your home as much as trying to stay out there and finish it could be a threat to you! You’ll also want to be careful if you’ve had intense weather recently; wait for the snow to thaw and be alert to slippery patches on your roof. 

Check Your Lights

Inspect your lights before you start to ensure you don’t have any problems waiting to happen. Not only will problems send you on a frustrating hunt — with the added risk of being irritated on a ladder for far too long — a particularly damaged string of lights could become a fire or electrical hazard. 

Avoid Tacks, Screws, or Nails

Don’t use tacks, screws, or nails to hang your lights; use safety light hangers. Anything that penetrates the outside of your home or your roof can damage insulation and cause moisture, air, and pest problems. You could also damage a wire without noticing and have electrical issues. 

Be Cautious Using Your Ladder

A ladder is one of the most dangerous tools most homeowners will use, so take it seriously. Take every little rule about ladder safety seriously: that means three points of contact at all times, no sharing the ladder, and staying mindful of how you’re using the ladder at all times.

Also, when you’re up on your roof, be slow and don’t stand upright. And if you feel any doubt about the endeavor, better to back down than get hurt. 

Turn Off Your Lights When Away

Keep your outside lights on for a short period. A good rule of thumb is to have your lights on for four to six hours per night. If you’re planning on going away on vacation, turn your lights off or invest in self-timing extension cords to help save on energy bills and to avoid circuit overload.

Taking Down Your Holiday Lights

Most of the safety of hanging lights comes down to mindfulness; think about what you’re doing and the consequences of rushing it or acting without thought. When it comes time to remove them, for example, think for a moment — then patiently remove them instead of yanking them down instead of risking damage to your roof, gutters, or siding.

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