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Prepare Your Roof With This Winter Weather Checklist

Whenever winter makes its way to your home, it’s a good idea to ensure that your roof is well-prepared for the possible oncoming rain or snow. 

Preparing and maintaining your roof can help prevent significant problems in the future. 

Secure & Clean Your Gutters

If you’re not afraid of heights, safely and carefully start by removing any built-up leaves, dirt, or objects in your rain gutters.

Securing and cleaning your home’s gutter system will help prevent blockages, ice dams, and flooding around your roof. Also, double-check that your gutters are tightly fastened down and won’t rattle or loosen up.

Inspect the Condition of the Roof Sealant

Sealant helps keep the elements from penetrating your home through your roof, so make sure you also give a thorough inspection to the areas where there’s sealant involved, such as your:

  • Plumbing stacks
  • Brick stacks
  • Flashing
  • Skylights
  • Vents

Inspect and Replace Damaged Shingles

Another critical part of your roof that needs inspection is the layers of shingles. Good-condition shingles have rough granules with no bulges, smooth areas, or splits. Have a professional roofer provide further assessment if you notice visible damage.

Check for Leaks and Water Damage

You’ll need to check your attic insulation for moisture damage or any signs of leaks. If you have cracks or small openings in your roof, animals and insects might make their way into your attic and live there. If you need attic ventilation, consult a professional about the benefits and installation of this structure. 

Clear Debris From Roof Valleys

Gutters are the edge rails that guide water away from your roof, while valleys are the low spots where two sloped sections meet. Make sure these areas are clear without obstructions that could cause damage to your roof. Metal parts can rust, so consider replacing or repairing them if you notice they’re starting to show signs of corrosion.

Check Your Roof & Attic for Pests

As mentioned in the attic insulation section, you’ll want to ensure no small rodents or critters have taken residence in your attic. If you notice any signs, you’ll want to call a professional immediately instead of risking injury from the animals. 

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